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Rogue15, oh, right, then i understood you wrongly. But, anyway, i don't think it changes my point of view seriously, i mostly agree with K_Kinnison. who said about pharma industry that invents new and new meds for money, not for real cure of people. Everything is good in right quantities, and when people stops to rely on their own strength, starting to rely only on meds... well, you know how to call it.

P.S. Just bought disc with old Soviet electronic music, mostly begin of 80s... and now enjoying listening this. One of tracks i find on Youtube: "Zodiac - Mysterious Galaxy"... reminds me those time of my childhood when all days were sunny, nights were full of stars... and i seriously believed i'm immortal. Wear on your headphones, switch on sound on maximum, shot down the light in the room... and prepare to take off...

In a trillion years,
the stars will no longer shine
But we'll remain, get it right
and come back again... BT
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