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Originally Posted by DeathScepter View Post
One of the reasons Sion is a slave to his power, JCarter. it is that he is a slave to his own hatred and his own hatred fuels his dark sided healing.
He's still a slave to it, though. Without the Force, he would die. And his Force powers are fueled by his pain and hate. He kills because if he didn't he'd die, not because he wants to. He's no different than Nihilus in that respect. The ancient Sith, on the other hand, weren't just after power for the sake of power.
Kreia: Bitterness, Betrayal, Death wish, cynicism, hopelessness
I wouldn't say Kreia is a slave to any of those things. She has a death wish, maybe, but that's only a symptom. She wants her beliefs to be proven true - that's her ultimate weakness. She's different than the others, though, in that she knows what her weakness is. But she can't give up the Force, and she can't kill the Force, so her only victory is in having the Exile kill her.

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