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Personally ill direct myself as an example, *ahem* (HACK!!!) Okay im good now...

Once i figured out how to use KotOR Tool little than a month ago i started out firing straight outta the gate with what i had knowledge of. My first attempt was modeling a Dragon Ball Z scouter and instead of learning how to model before i announced it to you good folks at LucasForums i went straight for Gmax and attempted a daunting task. Blew up in me cranium.

Skins! I think out of what i could do at the moment better than modding anything KotOR related is skins, but of course i realize i JUST started so the result of my anxiousness was my Face of Evil mod. (I tend to embarrass myself like that)

And finally Scripting. Not even knowing i had to mess with scripts, or what they were for that matter, i was determined to make shopkeepers expendable in KotOR. So telling LF members it was a WIP saved my skin there in a way, but i have a long ways to go for that to be completed.

All in all i welcome the criticism because if someone tells me it cant be done i will search for a way it can be done. My progress still continues but i have learned to not act in haste when it comes to things you dont understand. Takes time 8D

So... When you guys are ready direct your lightsabers and blasters in this direction, im a great example monnn.

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