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Learn about my former self. My ties with the light and dark side, then it completely depends on the situation. I'd be furious that Bastilla never informed me and the Jedi used me. But also I'd be mad at Malak for his betrayal. In the end however..I would return to my Sith ways and try and change the Sith, the Sith have potential, teach them to contol there greed, there emotions at a cap. So they have the edge over the Jedi, but do not lose control...

Edit: My reason for this is that Sion, Nihilus, Traya, all had massive respect for Revan. But feel he betrayed them in his choice. They would follow me/Revan with my preachings and decisions.

Edit (2): Also, I would have full contol over the Empire. I would not allow Sion, Nihilus, Traya or anyone else have a chunk of my power, that breeds greed. Looking back, there downfall was when the Sith made alliances among each other, instead, I would have complete control and would demand respect. Speaking and taking in each Lord's opinions and considerations. And backing them in their ideas, not exiling or attacking them like the Jedi.
So have them as Advisors.
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