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Opening Scene

Hey guys.

First off, I want you guys to know that I'm trying to build a writing team for this game. I have read that article on Total Conversion mods, but I still think that for my mod a team is necessary. I if anyone is interested, read this:

Now we get to what I want to talk about. KOTOR III's Opening.

K1 opened with an action sequence. You started out unfamiliar with any characters or the situation. Your goal was simple: escape before the sith kill you. It was simplistic and straightforward.

K2 opened much differently. First off your had a choice to either play the prologue or skip right to the Main plot. Instead of a straightforward objective, you had nothing to go on. You had to explore your surroundings and find your way out of your situation.

Both games opened well but very differently.

Now when working on the Opening for K3, I wanted to get across the fact that your decisions of the last two games were very important. After a long time I decided on how I would do that: a back story prologue.

K3 opens up on out lander station. After a ten or so minuet introduction, the game flashes back and recounts the events of K1-K2 and what happened in the many years since then. Here you make several decisions regarding the events of the past two games.

This way when the main story finally kicks in, you will see the effects of Revan and the Exiles choices.

Example: You decided that the Exile was good and was female. As a result you may end up seeing Mical of Atton in the Opening.

From my experience in any story, the beginning and the end are the hardest parts to do. And with the KOTOR games, you can imagine the difficulties I'm having.


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