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Originally Posted by JesusIsGonnaOwnSatan View Post
Considering your accents, that's actually pretty bad..

Bad, but it'd be considered a crime against humanity if it was a New Zealand accent.

Also, foreigners worry about the big and scary animals in this country, but living in this country... I never actually see any of them. Plus, there are plenty of dangerous things in other countries people live in... they've just gotten used to the fact that they're there.

One things for sure though, I'm glad I don't live in South America, when it comes to creepy bugs and stuff that can kill ya, that's really the continent to avoid. Funnel webs stay where they are in their nest and do whatever the hell it is spiders do. A lot of the spiders in South America get out and about and go looking for you... and they will come and find you eventually.

....and that is why despite there being people who commit violent acts being everywhere and how Shem was saying that not everywhere is like that in the US, I still feel a hell of a lot safer in a bad part of Australia than I would if I lived anywhere in the US. The entire cultural norm in the US is extremely different when it comes to people and the ownership and use of guns, etc, etc, yada, yada.... whatever.

So in short, I'm glad I live in Australia. |

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