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Originally Posted by The Doctor View Post
I'm with JIGOS - Hearthfire sounds like a mod collection, not an expansion pack. I counted the days before I got Dawnguard, and I adore the whole thing. Heathfire I can probably live without, at least until I get some extra cash.
I think Hearthfire's worth in Microsoft points is $5 USD, and it should be a comparable price on PS3 and Steam when it comes out on each respective platform, so I'll probably get it on release. But knowing publishers, us gamers down in Aus/NZ will probably get a 200% markup or something. >.>

Originally Posted by Prime View Post
I'm kind of looking forward to it if it adds some decent options. I'm not overly fond of any of the houses in the existing game.
I really liked the house in Windhelm (the place where the bloody murders happened, lol), but I hated the town. The only city I liked was Whiterun, so I just stayed in that little cottage for the whole game. I hope this mod expansion will have some existing house modification options.
If not, I'll just get one of the hundreds of Breezehome expansion mods there already are.
Originally Posted by stoffe View Post
TES:Sims? Sounds a bit like the Keep management section in Neverwinter Nights 2 too, which I wasn't horribly fond of.
I was thinking of just that the other day (a mod combining aspects of The Sims with Skyrim - namely the range and depth of in-game activities). If I had any idea about modding, I might have tried to make it a reality, because I quite like the idea.

Wouldn't that technically be necrophilia, since she's (un)dead and all?
...your point?

She can be convinced to become human, if you play your cards right. But regardless of what she is, it's apparent if you play the Dawnguard questline, that she has a (dead) heart of gold. So she's alright in my book.

You'll have to wait until you're the new emperor of Tamriel before you start another dynasty of dragonborns.
I don't want an empire; I just want some logical consistency in my game mechanics.

...just a little?

Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
Hahaha, I think you're probably right about that.
Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
not playing with any mods beyond cosmetic mods (stuff where character creation and clothing looks better) and a UI mod.
I'm assuming that UI mod is SkyUI? That mod is absolutely essential. I have no idea what Bethesda was thinking when they designed the game's UI. It's absolutely horrible in terms of functional efficiency. SkyUI is everything the original UI should have been.

Along your guidelines of cosmetic changes, I highly recommend these mods:

A Quality World Map - With Roads (+ High Quality 3D Map)
Better Dynamic Snow
WATER - Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux
The Dance of Death - A Killmove Mod

Haven't purchased Dawnguard, but really don't care for the vampire stuff. As far as I'm concern the only good vampire in the Empire is a dead vampire.
The Dawnguard side of that expansion is all about making that sentiment a reality.

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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