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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Been play Skyrim again, quit last time due to TOR. At level 20 on a new character. Did a Breton female, not playing with any mods beyond cosmetic mods (stuff where character creation and clothing looks better) and a UI mod. Like the character so much better and it makes the game more addictive to me.
I'm mostly using appearance-enhancing mods and new clothing/armor mods, as well as the PC Exclusive Animation Path and a ton of animation mods that makes my character move differently from everyone else.

A few mods other than those already mentioned I can recommend:
Dragon Bone Weapons Complete (it's not on Nexus any more, just the Steam workshop)

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Haven't purchased Dawnguard, but really don't care for the vampire stuff. As far as I'm concern the only good vampire in the Empire is a dead vampire.
Don't tell the court mage in Solitude that, since she by all accounts is a vampire (try the Detect Dead spell near her).

If you want to kill vampires the Dawnguard DLC can still be worthwhile if you join the Dawnguard, since they're vampire hunter fanatics who's got plenty of work for you to deal with bloodsuckers. (Even though you'll be forced to work with a vampire, and even briefly become one, during the Dawnguard plotline.)

If you do get it, pick up the Better Vampires mod linked above and use it to reverse the vampiric condition so it makes more sense (i.e. being strongest when you're newly fed).

Originally Posted by JesusIsGonnaOwnSatan View Post
She can be convinced to become human, if you play your cards right. But regardless of what she is, it's apparent if you play the Dawnguard questline, that she has a (dead) heart of gold. So she's alright in my book.
Well, there is that. But then you'd need to stock up on a lifetime supply of eclipse arrows for Auriel's Bow first, since Vamp-Serana is the only one who can make them.

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