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*A man with long red hair walks up to the bar next to Deac, looking obviously hung over.. He then 'plops' down on the bar stool.*

Irvine: "Hey barkeep, Caf, by the tons of it..."

*He looks himself over, and rips off the cloak he was (by the look on his face) 'for some reason wearing. Then he tugs on his hair which falls off, turning out to be that he has short dirty blonde hair.*

Irvine: "What the hell am I wearing this thing for?"

*He throws the wig behind him as he takes a big gulp out of the hot mug.

From behind another man walks into the cantina and shouts over to the bar: *

?? *approching Irvine* "Yo steve! I thought I'd find you here! Come on Capt, you look like sh*t... We got to take off shortly, the dockmaster is going to look for more credits for the pad we're renting..."

Irvine: "What I spend my credits on is my business... Did you get those power converters unloaded like I asked?"

?? "Yes and th..."

Irvine: "The self sealing stem bolts and the moister collectors?"

?? "Yes. All. Of. It. AND we got the 'stuff' loaded too. We got to go Capt, we got a run to do."

Irvine: "ALRIGHT! Let me finish this, just..." *shakes his head* "...Just warm up the ship." *mutters off*

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