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Originally Posted by starwarzchick112 View Post
What's TSLPatcher?
It is a program that most mods come with in the rar/winzip folder that allows all files to be automatically added to the right folders without you having to do it yourself, and mainly because it also edits the .2da files and any other files that might require the patchers help.

Once you have a mod that has a TSL patcher, read the "Read me" notepad file, check if any instructions require certain files be placed somewhere before or after the patch is used, and then run the TSLPatcher when ready. Then when (or if) prompted, locate your kotor folder that contains your star wars game.
(eg. Computer > Local Disc (c: ) > Program files > Lucas arts folder > Knights of the old republic), then after you select that, press okay/install and it will install the mod itself, but check for any errors in-case something is incompatible after the patcher has run.

Easily done in 4 steps.

*Back on topic*. Personally I enjoyed this mod when I tried it out, but for some reason, when I would get to the part where you are about to battle mandalore, instead I would just be on his ship standing there, but no one else was in the small room with me and the door would not open. Was sad to not be able to progress further.

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