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Lucasfilm COO and President Micheline Chau Retires

Lucasfilm COO, President Micheline Chau Retires -Source: Yahoo!

Micheline Chau, president and COO of Lucasfilm, has retired after two decades with the company, Lucasfilm announced on Wednesday.

Kathleen Kennedy, who joined Lucasfilm as co-chairman in June, will serve as interim president. The heads of the various departments, such as Industrial Light & Magic animation, LucasArts (gaming) and licensing, will report to Kennedy for the time being. (italics added)
I only thought this worth posting about here because Micheline Chau has had operational oversight for LucasArts since 2003. And as many of us know LucasArts has had three presidents in the past nine years. It's my personal belief that she has had something to do with the relatively short tenures of the last two presidents, Darrell Rodriguez and Paul Meegan and probably Jim Ward as well. I've got nothing factual to back up that belief other than the 2-year stints of the last two LucasArts presidents.

Whatever the case, now that Ms. Chau is out or on her way out it looks like Kathleen Kennedy (no idea what experience she has with games industry) will most likely be involved with selecting a new president for LucasArts. Since Ms. Kennedy is a total unknown for me I don't know if this bodes well or ill for LucasArts. In my view I favor the unknown instead of Ms. Chau, given her poor track record. It gives me a bit of hope that LucasArts has a better chance to get some stable leadership that will work to improve LucasArts' product offerings. Of course only time will tell.

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