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Chances are he's just bad. Or he's used to being able to burst them down quick and be done. he might be new at MMO's. When I did my smuggler story, there was the one mission on Tattooine that had me beat down(Jedi, Sith and the fatso), but they fixed that to be a bit more doable. My Sentinel had no real problems with the class story.

If the guy lights up, sometimes it's something just for you. Or it's something that each of you can get your own. At any rate, if nobody is going for it, grab it. it may be something for a mission you didn't realize you had.

I know you get XP for PVP. I think you get lagacy as well.

I don't remember about the tython vendor, I thought there was...

Legacy allows you to share some abilities. Datacrons are not they.

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