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Roasted ewoks, eh? Wonder if they taste like chicken....

Yes, yes, Kathleen Kennedy is a veteran producer of some well known films and George Lucas has designated her as the heir to his empire. I've no idea what that means for LucasArts however since George Lucas has a similar background in film making. I really would not be surprised to see LucasArts drop all pretenses at publishing and developing video games/interactive entertainment and switch to a licensor only role. While LucasArts has announced Star Wars 1313 and appears to have another SW game in the works I really think those games, if they make it all the way thru production, will have to do well in order for LucasArts to continue on in the same form. I really wish I had better insight into Kathleen Kennedy's experience and views on LucasArts and the overall gaming industry so I could get a better sense of the future. I will meditate on this.

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