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Tommycat - I remember that quest as being one that taught me how to strategize more what I was doing than just picking a target or switching from target to target. The Dark Jedi had less hit points and the jedi in the story was going after her. Tubbo could heal himself plus had the dark jedi healing him. After my second death I just concentrated on the dark jedi so that when I did die next I wouldn't have to worry about her when I revived.

After dieing afterwards I switched from Bowdaar to Corso who for some reason didn't pull as much aggro and tubbo concentrated on the story jedi and me and corso just kept shooting him down.

I ran into an original beta tester yesterday who I was helping on missions since I was waiting to try to put a team together to go after the colicoid queen on Balmorra. He/she was very nice and answered alot of legacy and social questions for me and seemed to really want to help. He was playing gunslinger as well and I was surprised to see his starting routine in fights was exactly like mine. Made me feel like I was actually doing something right all this time.

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