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If folks are curious about the differences as seen in game, I'm happy to oblige.

Some notes about the texture itself:

1. The texture uses a resized version of the vanilla Galaxy Map - where you actually choose the planet you're visiting next - from The Sith Lords. Though this mod works in KOTOR, just be aware the planets seen are the TSL planet choices as seen in my "after" picture. As I used the vanilla version, the planets do not line up as seen in the TSL Galaxy Map Fix by bead-v.

2. As previously noted, they are the vanilla planet choices. That means it's not showing modded planets such as M4-78 or Coruscant. When both of those of mods are both available to the public and are both compatible with each other and the the latest version of TSLRCM, I will offer an updated version to everyone for TSL. Additionally, when Rhen Var is released, I'll update the map for that mod as well.

3. As for the KOTOR planet choices, I will be willing to update the map texture for it. However, I'm looking to see a planet released to the public before I do so: Sleheyron. (I don't wish to be creating Galaxy Map textures for the rest of time so I hope you'll understand why I might wish to wait for those major contributions to be included.)

Those wishing to contact me, please do so using Deadly Stream's PM system. I am rarely on this site anymore.

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