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Skips Cutscenes in KOTOR II

Hi all, I have a problem where the cutscenes are totally skipped. For example, I travel to another system and it's hard to tell that anything has happened. Likewise, when I click on a movie from the main menu, nothing happens.

I have the bundle pack for Windows 7. Unfortunately, the launcher is not the same as the old one so I cannot see through that what my specs are (there is also an issue where the .ini file is in the program files but not accessible when I look on the disc. Disable movies is set to 0 in the one in program files x86.)

The cutscene skipping occurs both before and after I got the RCM.

I'm sorry I can't provide all the useful information but I know that my computer is an ASUS U57A Laptop, practically brand new, with an I5 processor and 6 GB RAM, and the graphics card has the number 3000 in it I believe (pathetic that that's all I can find out, I know. )

Anyways, especially with the RCM I feel that without the cutscenes I will be missing a lot of the story. Any help would be appreciated.
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