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(KotOR) Leviathan cutscene problem (spoilers)

After i leave Manaan i get cutscene (as i should) where Levithan captures Ebon Hawk.

At end of the capturing cutscene Bastila talks "This isn't over, Malak!" but that Malak scene is later at Leviathan (after i can "revan" back). Odd!!!!

Then party should discuss who rescues party at Leviathan. After that action continues at Leviathan.

But i don't get that discussion at Ebon Hawk. All i can do is run around Ebon Hawk and talk party members.

This is probably some mod incompability thing.

Heh.. i have a lot of mods so i'm probably asking these kind of problems. But this only problem that i have encountered so far.

Kotor Gameplay Improvement Mod
Ultimate Sound Mod for both KOTOR & TSL
RH Jawa Shop
Yavin IV Planet Mod
Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge v1.0 + v1.1
BoS RHJawaShop Compatibility Fix 1.1
SotOR 2.0
Canderous' Mandalorian Items
Korriban Crystal Cave v1.1
K1 Force Pack v2.0
A lost sith on a nameless world v1.1
Revan's Jedi Robes (2.0)
Masked Revan Star Forge Robes Mod (1.2)
RH Item Pack 1
RH Item Pack 2
RH Booster Pack
Mando Items & Reskins
Deadpool's Gear (v1.1)
RH Sith Templar Items
The Romancing of Bastila
RH Elder Merchant
RH Kamino Eugenics Chamber
RH Terminator Droid Pack
Ebon Hawks Emergency supplies
Ancient Weapons!
RH Star Forge Workbench
RH Sith Tomb Items
Items And Gameplay Mod (Items only)
RH ORD Mandell Mod
Darth Revan Cutscene Force Power Fix
Increased Attributes and Skills
3 Feats 3 Powers Per Level
Animated Galaxy Map
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