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Hi, yes its simple.

I found out that the biggest problem was in Photoshop CS6 and dds plugin. So you have to do is:

1. Use Monkey explorer and save image (you would like to modify) as dds.
2. Open it in Photoshop and repaint it, then save it as TGA 32 bit. (alpha)
3. Download Gimp 2.8 + dds plugin for Gimp 2.8 and open your TGA in it.
4. Export it as dds with compression BC3/DXT5
5. Convert your dds back to dxt with Image converter 1.1

You have to save your new "image.dxt" to the same folder as original root file "monkey2.pak" has.
For example: If your image was in the folder: "rooms/images/4_shore/" you have to create exactly same folder in root folder of the game. Game will load your new file instead of original file from monkey2.pak

(same thing for MI1:SE and MI2:SE, all files has to have exact name as original files)

I hope this helped.

Originally Posted by mehdi.moha View Post
can you please let me know how can i import image to MI2 ? then i will let you know the result


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