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Fortunately, I have been so ultra-super-mega-swamped with work these last 2 days to even dwell on it. I didn't get a whole lot in the way of sleep last night, however. No weird dreams for me. The only ones I can remember were fleeting and unpleasant.

I guess I kinda understand her reasons... I just don't really want to accept them.

She's had some bad news about her health... and she's been told she doesn't have much time left. Months... a year if she's lucky. She's been fighting it hard for months now... and losing. It's been rough going through that.

She tells me that she doesn't want to put me in the situation of going through that... Plus, I also believe she wants to establish her kids with the folks who are going to raise them after she's gone... in a place where it's unlikely her ex or his family will be able to get hold of them.

It's all pretty heavy. Nothing I ever thought I'd seriously ever have to think about when we started dating... not quite 2 years ago. Oct 11 is he 2-year anniversary of our first date. Not the kind of thing anybody ever thinks they are going to have to face just going out with somebody.

My gut told me when she was leaving it was going to be for good. I was just really hoping I was wrong. Or for a unexpected miracle with her health.

I'm just really having the hardest time getting my mind around the fact that I will probably never see her again.

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