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Coruscant Entertainment Center

Fury of the Shadow

Earth present day: A terrorist makes an appearance, and delivers a warning.

Technical note; Before the advent of the modern frangible bullet, no one in his right mind fired a gun in an aircraft; the bullet would pierce the skin and cause an explosive decompression anywhere above 10,000 feet because the air pressure inside the aircraft is lowered to that level as they go higher.

Second; there has been exactly one hijacking where a parachute was aboard, that was the DB Cooper hijacking of a 727-100 on 24 November 1971. At that time, Cooper had the aircraft land to unload the passengers, most of the crew, (three stews) and had two parachute sets (two main and two secondary) loaded. You see, putting on a parachute is not something that can be trusted to the untrained, and having them aboard for all passengers (The plane Cooper had hijacked had 36 passengers aboard before the civilians were removed with total possible of 150) would have been a nightmare if they needed to use them. So they are not standard equipment on any commercial aircraft in the world.

The primary reason I believe that Cooper chose that flight was that it was the only American airliner of the time that has a rear loading ramp for passengers. Anywhere below 10,000 feet and a speed of less than 300 knots would allow him to parachute out without too much trouble. Any other Boeing, or for that matter Douglas product before 1967 had side loading doors, requiring a lower speed.

Star Wars Combat Evolved Revans Journey

Crossover between Halo and KOTOR: Now Revan has to fight this enemy

Technical: I had been bothered by an enemy totally impervious to weapons the Mandalorians or Republic would field, and it wasn't until this piece that I suddenly realized you had done a crossover with Halo. The problem is that the human ships, weapons and defenses of the game are not far removed from our modern day. The Master Chief in Halo is using weapons like what you can get today with little refinement. Yet KOTOR is perhaps 30-50 years advanced over our own; (We are already looking at the 'laser pulse weapon in 40 watt range' mentioned in the original 'Terminator' movie).

So even with such a difference, it is like a British General being terrified by the advent of the machine gun at the start of WWI. And from what I have seen of the game, the enemy is not impervious; just harder to kill.

The Ever Changing
Jackie Almasy

KOTOR aboard Ebon Hawk after Leviathan: The one torn apart most by the revelation tries to pull herself together

In my own version of this scene Revan just went into a fugue and wrestled mentally with the two different sides of her being. The scenes here were actually better than mine, wrestling not with her own mind, but with that added to feeling she has betrayed all of them by not knowing.

Pick of the Week

A Love for A Scoundrel
Fall Out Guirl

TSL after Malachor V: With Atton laying injured and unconscious, the Exile is finally willing to admit her feelings

The piece is poignant with that feel of finally saying what you think and feel. Too often in life we do not do that, leave things unsaid until it is too late. I loved the end for the same reason I loved the phrase 'I know' When Han Solo said it in TESB.

Our True Love
Fall Out Guirl

TSL aboard Ebon Hawk: Atton admits his past, and the Exile decides she loves him

The piece was a little too pat for me, as was the scene itself. I never liked the idea that the Exile would hear Atton's story and decide then to make him a Jedi; In fact in my version only the women were so graced originally, though all could be. Part of my problem with the scene vis a vis Atton was 'he's a stone killer specializing in Jedi, but I am going to trust him'.

The Wayside
Gan Xinqba

Originally reviewed 13 January 2006 at kotorfanmedia. That review is below:

Set in KOTOR II I believe. An intelligence agent and ex-Jedi apprentice investigates the suspicious deaths of several Jedi masters.

Written in a journalistic style, the author leads you gently into the story with a bit about the main character, setting the scene and characters, and draws you into his created world. Very well done.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Mirrored Souls: Beyond the Travels
David Alan Abramczyk

Post TSL AU on Dantooine:

An interesting view of what follows TSL; having Visas and Brianna melded into one. Beyond that, it is a pretty much generic version of two people getting ready for a night of love.


A Master's Vision

Pre KOTOR on Taris: A Jedi master dies to set the future in stone

The author says it's is their first work. My Statement, Bravo! The character created is almost a caricature; a Jedi who sacrifices herself to save Rand. But the author makes her alive, links her to the Exile in such a way the sacrifice makes sense, then links Atton back to that woman he would later serve.

Pick of the Week

Affection's Acceptance

Post TSL on Telos: Mical tries to get closer to Sabyne.

Others commented on the author fleshing out Mical, but he is the one character that has needed fleshing out from the start. As for making a character likeable, if any character needs help with that, in my opinion Mical is the one. I am curious as to why she had been avoiding him all this time; unless it is the reason he thinks it is.

Gunning Down Romance

Post TSL, no location given: Atton has a hard decision to make

The piece is both poignant and angst ridden. While there is no proof that Mical went with her on her search for Revan, Atton is still convinced she left because she loved the other man more. As he wanders through this story, he is torn between wanting her back, and wishing he never met her, until the end.

Pick of the Week

The Persistence of Memory Part I
Niobe Asha

TSL shortly before the Exile's crash on Telos: Bao-Dur is enlisted in the struggle against Czerka

All of the complaints about the piece are listed below under Canon

Canon: According to the Wookiepedia, Ithorians of a herd generally unable to act against the status quo. There are only about half a specific Ithorians named who have done in the 12,000 years since first contact, so the idea of a Mission Impossible sort of rogue group is highly unlikely. However if they had instead merely suggested to Bao Dur that Czerka had to be stopped, but left it up in the air as to how, the Iridonian could have come up with a rationale for it. Picture a human version of the same thing from one of my own stories; a Catholic priest who has a patient on life support, and no chance of recovery. He could suggest that someone who does not share his specific faith can unplug it and allow him to die.

I know of this from experience with my own mother; when she had her seventh child her doctor warned her that she was reaching the end of her ability to support them as a single mother. Instead of prescribing birth control pills, he instead passed her off to a Protestant doctor who had no problem with such a course of action.

rewriting history

TSL AU: What if Atton had been in Sion's place?

I have to agree with Plutospawn that it reeks of being chapter one. I did enjoy that unlike Sion Atton takes Kreia completely out, but it begs the question of why the Exile is still alive.

Jaq Rand
Jaina Solo

Pre KOTOR: AU, what if Atton had sought out the Sith rather than fleeing?

The piece is nice and dark. Atton is still the same Atton we know, but the darkness consumes him easily, and it is not surprising that it does.

Pick of the Week

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

From the one who brought you;
What we die for...
KOTOR excerpts
Star Wars: The Beginning
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Return From Exile
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