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@LDR: *sarcasm* Thanks so much for making this "non-terrifying" thread lol XD.

Anyways, I'm sort afraid of any stinging, flying insect. When I was around 5 a huge yellow, huge, and extremely furry/fuzzy yellow jacket landed on my palm. So I tried to slap it. *failure*. The thing stung me. After that sting, I cried for two hours because it hurt so much. (remember, I was five at the time so that's why I cried for an abnormal length).

I am very afraid of bees, however I don't have a phobia of them. But holy crap that bee is SO FREAKIN BIG!

While most bees, wasps, and hornets usually don't sting without a reason unless you give them one, the ones in China, Japan, and tropical Vietnam will sting without reason. And I heard that the pain is sometimes so excruciating that people double over in pain. Yikes.
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