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Top 5 (or 10) all-around JK players of "all time?"

Who do you think were the 10 best Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II players of all time? And why? Tons of dudes have gone down in history for being good at one map with one force level, but there's only a few that stick out in my mind at being great at everything. The list was actually hard for me to complete since I can only remember about 6 or 7 of my zone names and aliases :b

REMEMBER: if they sucked at NF sabers, they shouldn't count. if they blow at CTF, they aren't the best. I'm talking about dudes that can play any map, force setting, or bizzare mod with confidence. Guys that could play with both darky and lighty, and play against them. Extra points should be awarded to players that played with their own style and strategy.
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