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This creature is soooo creepy it made it into 2 movie monsters with only parts of it.... I give you the Antlion Larvae

Wrath of Khan had the look of this terrifying creature.

Enemy Mine it had a pit like the Antlion larvae.

What they do is make this funnel shaped pit that traps whatever wanders into it. That's when the real horror show begins. As the thing tries to get out, the creature flicks dirt out of the pit to make the walls steeper. Removing the dirt at the bottom makes whatever happens to be in the pit, slide down to it's waiting jaws. Think that's bad? On top of that, the monster pierces the victim with mandibles that injects a paralyzing toxin into it. Then it sucks out the juices because it wasn't creepy enough already. The movie monster just pulled you down and ate you.

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