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She never liked me talking about her situation with anyone.

She has MRSA... a systemic staph infection that resists all antibiotics. She's probably had it for years without being diagnosed... and by the time they discovered what it was, it was attacking all her major systems.

She was diagnosed after we had been together a year or so.

Now with all the infections I've been dealing with in the last couple of weeks, I'm more than a bit worried it may have transferred to me. Spreading through close contact isn't unheard of. I'm getting tested for it later this week.

If you catch it early enough and treat it aggressively, you can keep it under control.

Unfortunately for her, it went undiagnosed for years, and she already had a host of other problems from years of dealing with abusive exes, so by the time they realized what it was, her system wasn't strong enough to fight it off. Plus she was already on meds for other conditions, so the interactions between everything took a toll too.

Of course, I'm still hoping for a miracle in her case... that a doctor down there will come across some new treatment that really works for her. I hope she's still continuing to fight.

I'd be happy knowing she was somewhere living healthy and happily with her kids... even if it wasn't with me.

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