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These western conifer seed bugs were showing up in my house a few years ago, luckily they don't move much and are harmless, they actually look pretty cool close up. I would use an empty yogurt cup to capture them and put them outside, as I do with most bugs when I can. Once my Dad left a screenless window open one summer night and I was up and I noticed tons of moths everywhere coming from the window, and I had to catch them all and release them. They were everywhere.
I know how to copy/paste a URL to a post but how do you make the image actually appear like above? Can one of you tell me?

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One that makes guys shriek is one you can't even see.

The toothpick fish. AKA don't pee in the water.

Normally it darts and heads for the gills of fish and spreads it's spiked fins to hold it in place in the gills. But it can swim up the urethra being drawn by the smell of ammonia. There it spreads it's fins and lives off the blood. Removal requires surgery, and possible amputation.
If it's so tiny, then how can you tell it is there? Does it go for humans? What are the symptoms? I'm not paranoid that I'll get it or anything lol, but how do you realize that it's there?
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