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I have no idea where she is. I only had a very vague idea where she was when she first went down there, all I really knew was that it was about a 5 or 6 hour drive south of Mexico City... and her last message to me told me she wasn't even there anymore, but didn't say where she was now. Just in a different state than the one she was in. It's a big country to just go wandering around in looking for someone when they could be almost anywhere and you don't know where to look or speak the language.

If I had daily communication with her, I might be able to gather the new location, then I could spend a month getting a passport made, save the money for the tickets and rental cars, and try desperately to refresh my year of middle school Spanish to hope to survive down there until I managed to find her. If I could get the time off from work, that is... which at the moment I can't.

But I haven't heard back anything since my "Dear John... I mean Ed..." email last week, even though I've sent 4 or 5 responses. Her mom wrote me a couple of days ago asking if I had any news from her... she hadn't heard anything herself in almost a month. I was as truthful but as vague as I could get away with in the hope she gives her mom an update with the full truth of what's going on sometime soon.

Going and seeing her is the romantic movie thing to do... but I have no idea with the info I currently have where to even start.

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