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TOR ate my KotOR
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2. No clue on Twilek or Mirulian…Easy way to find out is just play with making a toon in one of the classes in which they are open.

3. HM means hard mode, yes. It does not have to be a mission you done earlier. HMFP are missions you may have done earlier, but designed for level 50 toons. However, you also have SM, HM and NIM mode Operations which you cannot do until you are level 50.

8. Like lynk wrote, no…but you can buy mods, enhancement, barrels hilt and other BOE things with the comms and send those through the mail to other toons.

13. Yes it ends..I am a level freak and my main is now level 50, level 50 legacy and level 10 Social…I don’t Pvp, but I am tempted to do so just so I can level something.

***6. I have never figured that out either. Always figured it had something to do with PvP, but I don’t have a clue.

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