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((We're Back! ))

Ebon Hawk

"Does it seem recent to you?"

"Yes...But it's not someone that we know well...I just can't place it! It almost feels like someone we've fought or sparred with before but it feels slightly off."

Help me! Someone help me! They're getting closer!

"How close are we?" Alriana could feel the child's cries throug the force getting louder as they got closer. "We have to be close by now!"


The Ackbar continued to shudder and shake as enemy fire continued to hit it. It seemed the Ackbar was the sith fleet's primary target. Garja watched helplessly as Belina was taken away by the medteam. is not the time to despair, The fleet is depending on us. I may not be the tacticion Belina is but I hope I can still give them a run for their money.

"Tactical, target the closest ship warship and open fire. Reroute all available power to shields and weapons, take it from the engines if you have to."

"Yes Sir!"

"Garja to Medbay: Keep me updated on Admiral Belina's status. Keep her alive by any means necessary."

"Yes sir."

Garja turned to look at the viewscreen and watched as two small sith ships were destroyed by a large Assault cruiser only to watch the assault cruiser be destroyed by a Sith warship.

This isn't good.
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