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Ebon Hawk

"We're here."

Xandros looked out the viewports and saw a large, vicious looking ship that was bearing down on a dimly lit shuttle. He reached out through the force and found that the child was on the shuttle. Why is there a kid alone in a shuttle this far out?

"Looks like we found out what was scaring the kid." He commented as he arrived on the bridge. He pointed at the shuttle which was being drawn in towards the larger ship. "I think they've got the shuttle in a tractor beam. I recommend we take out the tractors, board the shuttle, grab the kid and get out of here."

He frowned for a moment. "Or we could just take them out. They're probably just pirates and I'm sure that no one would miss them."

"Looks like we're there. Are you sure you will be all right?"

Alriana looked down at her stomach and smiled slightly. "I'll be fine. I don't plan on letting anything happen to me."

Pirate battleship

The pirate captain looked down at the trembling cathar child and smiled darkly. It was rumored that the Sith were paying well for force sensative children and he knew that the child was force sensative. When they had boarded the shuttle, the child had screamed and four of the lights in the shuttle had blown out at the same time.

"Little are going to make me and my crew very wealthy." He said with a chuckle. He motioned for one of the crew to grab the child.

"Throw her in the holding cell for now and finish downloading the contents of the shuttle's computer. Might as well grab all the information we can get."

"Sir!" the pirate at the helm shouted out. "Unknown ship just dropped out of hyperspace! Looks like some sort of freighter."

"Get a targeting lock on them and raise shields. Try to disable them. In my experience freighters this far out are usually lost or smugglers. Either way, they might have some cargo worth taking."
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