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The commandable effects wheter you can "click" an NPC. Very handy for preventing repeat conversations, and thus XP-exploits. Primarily used for during the 'run away and be deleted'

Doors can block NPC movement. I've had a lot of issues with that in the Nar Shaddaa cantina, and in the end just gave up on trying any proper pathing there, since it was a nightmare.

Pause, resume work for cutscenes, not for the VO. So yeah. From what I hear in KOTOR1 you can't partially skip (like KOTOR2 can), which sounds extremely frustrating to me. Sorry I can't really help there either...

EDIT: Looking at the script, ActionWait() doesn't work for that. So it might be that prevents it from working properly.
Maybe use
DelayCommand(3.0, ExecuteScript("contalk", OBJECT_SELF));
instead, with the new script (contalk.ncs) being the continue dialog (usuable for much more than just this one convo obviously).
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