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Ebon Hawk

How sophisticated are the Hawk's sensors?

Andros couldn't help but be a little boastful. "The best... state of the art. They could detect a fly on a black control panel within a systems cooling system." He turned and started calibrating the sensors while keeping the shields raised. There was no way he was taking a chance with his master's ship. It was practically an antique.

After making adjustments he said, "What do you need?"


"I'll be fine. I don't plan on letting anything happen to me."

Jun-la replied with a slight smile, "I have to ask since this is my uncle we are talking about and Kaillian's cousin we are talking about."

She then directed her attention to Xandros and Kalla and said, "We should scan but prepare for boarding. We have to rescue that child."


Tavaryn felt the last rock be pulled free. He could get out and pulled himself out of the hole. He gave a slight dusting of himself and checked the readings that Tara was giving him.

"Good. Make your way to the LZ. We've got what we came for here."

Tavaryn replied into his comm, "Roger that. Alpha Team regroup at LZ. Status on space side?"

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