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"Roger that. Alpha Team regroup at LZ. Status on space side?"

Garja spoke into the comnline as two consoles at the rear of the bridge exploded due to power surges. "It's not going well! We're dealing with power surges all through the ship and we're down to five ships...and Admiral Belina has been badly injured by an exploding console."

"Admiral Garja!" One of the officers shouted out urgently. "Two more sith warships have just dropped out of hyperspace and are locking weapons. I'm also picking up a message from the Katarn, they're saying that they've been ambushed by a sith battlegroup and will not be able to to assist anytime soon."

"It looks like we're on our own then." Garja said grimly as he looked to the communications officer. "Order our remaining ships to move into a defensive position around the Ackbar. In the event we have to evacuate the ship I want all the escape pods to have a clear run to the surface."

"Yes sir!"

The Ackbar shook violently as one of the shields failed and a barrage of turbolasers hit the ship before the auxillary shields kicked in. Garja shook his head. There was a good possibility that this was going to be the Ackbar's final battle but there was no reason for everyone on board to die.

"Attention!" He shouted into the ship wide intercom. "All non essential personal and civillians are to head for the escape pods at once! I repeat: All non essential crew and civillians are to evacuate now!"

Garja looked out the forward viewport and saw two very large sith ships bearing down on the Ackbar. A barrage to turbolaser fire headed for the Ackbar and Garja closed his eyes as he waited for the turbolasers to punch through the hull and destroy the bridge.

And waited.

But they never impacted.

He suddenly heard the sound of cheering among the bridge crew and opened his eyes as a familiar voice filled the comnlines.

"This is Grand Admiral Velerc of the Resistance Vessel Death's Head. Attention Sith vessels: You are outnumbered and out gunned. You will stand down or be destroyed!"

Garja couldn't help but cheer along with the rest of the bridge crew as he watched a large fleet consisting of resistance alligned imperial ships drop out of hyperspace behind the Sith fleet. He couldn't see that many of them because The Death's Head itself was shielding the Ackbar from enemy fire.

Graja let out a sigh of relief. The Grand Admrial had literally saved their lives with his arrival.

Ebon Hawk

"I have to ask since this is my uncle we are talking about and Kaillian's cousin we are talking about."

Alriana smiled. "Don't worry, I understand." She moved a bit closer to Jun-la and whispered in her ear. "Don't tell anyone...but I'm starting to think it might be twins. I'm not sure yet though so please keep it between you and me."
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