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The Sith Lords is downloaded on my laptop now. it runs so much better on this than it did on the xbox. Looks like any downtime will be spent either cleaning my weapons or playing TSL.

got a cheapo mp3 player (runs on 1 aaa battery, 4gb storage...does its job).

packed the bags im taking with me on the plane, decided to get that done today instead of day before so i'm not freaking the hell out last minute. laptop is carry-on not sure about cameras on planes...i got aa nimh batteries not lithium so should be fine i think?

My sis may have induced labor tomorrow or next week slight complication i guess idk. sure she'll be fine though. going out to party with one of my best friends tonight. going to stay at his place and go over to my parents tomorrow mornign to spend more time with my parents and nephew.

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