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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
I just want to check out the stories for each of the classes and alignments, is that F2P-able? I want to steer clear, way, way clear of grinding. So f2p y/n?
In my opinion, Sith classes own Republic classes, both in story and in the dialog options you get to choose. Agent, especially, but also the Inquisitor and Bounty Hunter, are fun classes.

You can do the story of all classes without really grinding anything. Do the story quest and planet quests (the former is personal, the latter contributes to the overall war effort) and you should be fine. There's more side quests to do, but they are in general uneventful. The bonus quests are closer to grinding, so skip them if you really don't want to do them, but if you can, do the bonus quest that happen in phases, because those give a lot of experience points.

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