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(Vokun was already on Dagobah, but Master Skywalker killed him already)

Ebon Hawk

"What do you need?"

"Do you think you rig the sensors to differentiate between the child and the pirates?" Kalla asked her brother, and readying her lightsaber. Then, something clicked in her head. "This child is Force sensitive, isn't she? If the pirates are planning to collect on the Sith's bounty, me or Alriana going would be huge risk." She added.


"I'd hurry if I were you...I don't think she's going to survive much longer. We need a miracle to save her right now.

Seeing Tavaryn arrive with the other Jedi Masters, Komad quickly herded them onto the ATT. Then, making his way to the cockpit, he said to the pilot, "Punch it."

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