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Originally Posted by thejman217 View Post
Haha, I live in the states as well, and I know we have a decent league. Not amazing, but talented.

Football/soccer is my religion too lol.

In England, I support Manchester City. (Before they got Nasri and AguŽro and won the title)

In the MLS I support Portland, even though they've been recently on a poor streak.

And I thought Klinsmann was just going to be a flop lol. Me being born in Germany, and knowing my German "fussball" (that's what it's called in German) history, I know he won the World Cup with them, but I thought he was going to do terrible with the U.S. I'm happy to be wrong .
When did you start supporting City? I'm surprised, considering that people will be jumping on their bandwagon now that they're really good. I've felt bad for Portland almost the entire season; arguably the best fan base in the league, and they lose to a team of amateurs in the Open Cup.

And what made you think Klinsmann would flop? As I remember, he was actually pretty good as the coach of Germany. Sure, some his results haven't exactly been as impressive as his predecessor (but when it is impressive, it is very impressive ), and he makes some questionable line-up and roster choices, but he hasn't had anything really disastrous happen yet.

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