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Weather changes, because the barometric pressure agitates any injuries I may have at the time. Like right now my shoulder.

Election year politics.


My great grandmother passed away this summer. She was 103. I'm happy for her but still, wish she could have had a little easier end. She fell and broke her hip at the ball joint. They were able to replace it surprisingly enough. But by then she was too old, too weak, to rehabilitate herself. She simply lost her will to live and stopped eating.
Still, at 103, that's an impressive life. Her sister died in 2004 at 102, and her brother sometime before that at 104.

Despite the fact I'm a basic auto mechanic now, I have a major service (90K-100K mile) I cannot do on my own car. So it'll cost $1000+ pretty much taking a $*** on most of the $$$ I saved up this year. Will I ever get out of here?

Some 3 weeks ago my mum's car got hit by a garbage truck while I was riding along. It was a slow moving accident. Scary how a 20 ton vehicle is so unstoppable even at just 15mph. Nobody injured thankfully and damage was moderate but not too awfully bad. The driver of the truck didn't see us before changing lanes. The car is still running seemingly fine but it's 10 years old and who knows what will go wrong besides needing new doors on the left side. And a little hammering on the wheel well.

The fact although I am a surrogate uncle to a couple kids, their mother won't talk to anyone around this town. Burned too many bridges apparently. Sure she talks to me via social networking, but it's all superficial. Asked me if I had a WoW account and if I wanted some instant lv 80 tickets. Seriously? I just hope to God she isn't neglecting those kids to play WoW all day.

My "slicK" MP3+video player is malfunctioning and I have data in there I forgot to back up....... because I'm a dumbass I guess.

Floaters in the eye normally aren't a big deal but I have so many of them and they're so pronounced it is starting to cause problems though this same eye is also seeing a semi-double. Field of vision has a noticeable region getting fuzzy around the edges of objects and lights as well.
Certainly re-evaluating getting those sith eye contact lenses for Halloween now.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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