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Dagobah, dropship

I'd hurry if I were you...I don't think she's going to survive much longer. We need a miracle to save her right now.

Tavaryn thought about it some. He had done it before with Garja and that was when he was seriously injured. He could do the same for Belina. He had to. He jumped into the ship and told Tariq, "Do it. Get us there as fast as possible."

Patching into the comm, he replied, "This is Alpha Leader. Have the CMO stabilize Belina until we dock. Help is on the way." He looked at Komad and said, "I guess I have to dust off my training once again."

He was tempted to try and reach out to Alriana but he didn't want to worry her too much. He would tell her if things didn't go right and she worried enough about him with his duties with Alpha Team. Be safe, moi chroi.

Ebon Hawk

"I'd love to hear them after we're done with this."

Jun-la smiled in return. To her children were a blessing. It didn't matter the amount of them. She was happy if her uncle did get twins. There was much her father and his siblings deserved in terms of happiness. She replied, "Just know that I get the feeling that it is good luck. And don't tell me the whole Jedi thing about luck."


Do you think you rig the sensors to differentiate between the child and the pirates?

Andros looked at his sister, "Piece of cake, Sis." He made the configuration. "There, that blue dot... that's you're kid and yeah, I can sense her too."

This child is Force sensitive, isn't she? If the pirates are planning to collect on the Sith's bounty, me or Alriana going would be huge risk.

Andros knew the risks too. He thought about it and knew that his master and Alriana would refuse to sit back. "Well I know Jun-la and Alriana would say no to staying behind but maybe your boyfriend and the Shinigami we unfroze might be able to help. Maybe you should bring this up to the two queen bees."

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