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"This is Alpha Leader. Have the CMO stabilize Belina until we dock. Help is on the way."

On the bridge of the Ackbar one of the consoles in the back sparked and went dark as another power surge went through the ship. Garja ducked as sparks went through the air.

"Cut the power to the bridge consoles! Find out where these power surges are coming from and shut them down!"

Many of the remaining consoles immediatly went dark as the power was cut. Garja breathed a brief sigh of relief as he opened a line to what remained of the medbay.

"We have help arriving. Keep the admiral alive until they get here."

"We'll try our best sir."

Ebon Hawk

"Just know that I get the feeling that it is good luck. And don't tell me the whole Jedi thing about luck."

"Trust me, since I was unfrozen I've disagreed with the jedi about the idea of luck." Alriana said with a smile.
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