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Yep..might as well just agree. It's a failure. It failed. Yep, big 'ol failure.
Happy?? Yes you are.
Now I'm going to go play this awesomely fun game some more.

AARGH!! I really should stop coming here and reading this drivel.
I got really bummed on the game for awhile there, but it wasn't because I don't like it, I love it.
It's because I actually started listening to the idiots in-game and out. Whining and complaing about some stupid crap that isn't even relevant in a new game like this.
Yes, granted 1.4 ticked me off because it bugged everything out, and because they changed some stuff I don't think needs changing. Overload still looks like crap and if they were going to do it anyway, why not just make it look like Force Wave and get rid of that horribly timed animation?
Remove the flip in the air and it might look ok. Getting used to Force Wave now just like I did Project.
Anyway, rant finished. I got some dailies to do.

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