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I think to a degree part of the criticism also comes from the fact that they completely killed off Star Wars Galaxies. I know I'm mad about that. More mad about that than not getting KotOR III. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in that. They were different enough that they could have coexisted. And honestly, they might have both helped each other out. It also left a real sour taste in people's mouths. Sure there were some that would never have been satisfied without either KotOR III or Pre-CU SWG, but there was no reason to completely kill off SWG. Personally it made me more worried about the longevity of SWTOR. I mean You build up friendships and alliances and end up having the game yanked from under you... I know that's how many SWG fans felt. They got robbed of the game they loved 3 times.

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