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Originally Posted by Alexrd View Post
Galaxies was my first MMOG, and although I didn't play it as often as some people, I accompanied its evolution. I'm even one of the few who thinks the latest version offered a much more solid game and experience than the Pre-CU/NGE. However, as every MMOG, it would go away sooner or later. I was actually expecting that it would go F2P at TOR's launch, but unfortunately that wasn't the case.

I think I can only invest a good amount of time and money on an MMOG when companies assure me that a singleplayer version will be available when they, for some reason, have to close down the servers. And contrary to popular belief, it's doable if they have that in mind from the start.
Don't misunderstand me, I didn't expect SWG to last forever. I would disagree on the point about it being a more solid experience... I would say different game experience altogether. If you played it in the expectation of it being SWG CU or Pre-CU, you would hate it, but if you gave it a chance as it's own game, I would say it was a very good game. But those that loved pre-cu, lost their game with the CU, then had that game ripped from them when the CU became the NGE. Then those that stuck with it and even began enjoying the NGE, had that game ripped from them. Makes it hard to not think the same could happen with TOR.

I think that TOR is probably the most likely to be able to be a single player game after they have to shut the servers down. Might be huge install, but... seems as though a good bit is single player friendly.

SWG had several completely different gameplay styles that you could enjoy. Hack and slash combat. Twitch flight system. and the absolute best(IMHO) crafting system in an MMO. It also had the City game, where you built your cities. The role playing game. Then there was the card game they came out with at the end(I thought this was how the free to play version would make it's money). You could harvest resources, raise pets, or just be an interior decorator if you wanted. Then there's the purely social aspect of the cantinas. Compared to that, TOR lacks much.

Not to say TOR is a bad game at all. I still say it's the most fun active MMO out there.

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