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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
I'm sorry I just don't see the game is a failure.
Neither do I, I think they could do a lot of things better, and Bioware's lack of experience in running an MMO shows with regards to keeping people interested outside of major patches.

The failure part comes from the fact that they have lost 75% of their player base, and have had to close 200 servers... Yes it was oversight on their part, but the reviewers not on EA's payroll just look at the big numbers rather than little details.

I log in, run around, and pretend I'm in the Star Wars universe, I do a couple of dailies (For no real reason other than to wave a lightsaber around) and log out. I'm happy to pay for that, 800,000 were not unfortunately.

I gave up on it being KotOR III in 2008, as for SWG, I loved, and will continue to, love it, Forever, and as soon as ProjectSWG is launched (Late 2012) I will play that alongside SWTOR (as long as F2P brings a barber shop and more MMO minutia)

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