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Lynk: My reason for not playing it is your reason for playing it. I feel that it could use more MMO goodies that give me a reason to play past 50. Things that I really enjoyed in my down time were just not as fun to me. I really disliked that in order to craft top gear, I had to raid(Operations). I hated that there wasn't really any way for me to differentiate my goods from anyone else's. I hated that I couldn't even decorate my ship. I couldn't make my home... mine. To me that's why the community is just not there. Sure there are a lot of players, but not the kind of community you see in other MMO's.

Again, I'm not saying it is a failure, or that it is a bad game. far from it. It's an excellent multiplayer RPG. It just feels more like an RPG with some multiplayer capabilities rather than a living breathing persistent world. Perhaps that's a good thing, and they need to just ignore us old MMO players.

As for blaming SWG's demise on Bioware/EA... Not really. But when TOR was first announced, there was all kinds of talk about both being there at the same time. I would have had both installed and would have had active accounts on both. I know many who had similar plans. The official story was that SOE decided not to renew the license. There have since been confirmations that it was due to EA/LA refusing to allow both to exist.

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