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AVS Year One

Since Bill Tiller is promoting his upcoming Kickstarter of A Vampyre Story Year One, I thought I'd post a thread about the game here since there wasn't one already (and since this game seems like it has a chance of actually getting made).

I'm pretty excited about this because Bill Tiller responded to Mojo commentator's criticisms about A Vampyre Story and Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island that he recognizes the faults in the games and plans to address them. I already enjoyed the games (what I've played of them, they're still two of the games I haven't completed yet. I'll put them on my to-complete-list, hopefully this month so I can include them in the October Monster Reviews I have going on my website), but they could definitely use some TLC in the writing department. I love when developers listen to constructive fan criticism and take it to heart. That's why I love Telltale so much. They've definitely made average (and in some people's views below average) games too, but they took the criticism and tweaked it for the better in their next game(s). I've got the same expectations for Autumn Moon.

Hopefully A Vampyre Story: Year One will be the Bill Tiller game that fans have been hoping for.

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