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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Now imagine if Leap was simply attached to the front of your current mouse... all you'd need to do to access the motion controls would be to extend your fingers out a little bit. Add in a "safety switch" on the side of the mouse you hold down with a thumb or toggle it on and off so you don't set off the motion controls accidentally.

EDIT: Or one attached to your screen that is calibrated to the exact specifications of your screen size, resolution and dpi... great touch screen alternative and would have killer accuracy, could be a hell of an alternative for digital ink pens and tablets such as the kind Wacom make... of course, I'm thinking of this with the screen having a special stand that allows it to be laid flat and tilted to be comfortably used for drawing and such.
You could calibrate it to the table. This could easily be done. But you kinda lose the whole point of the touchless touch screen. It accepts 3 dimensional input which would allow for designing something in a 3 dimensional space closer to the way Jarvis worked in Iron Man.

Thinking of it... it would work really well for VR applications, and possibly even lead to better VR designs.

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