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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
You could calibrate it to the table. This could easily be done. But you kinda lose the whole point of the touchless touch screen. It accepts 3 dimensional input which would allow for designing something in a 3 dimensional space closer to the way Jarvis worked in Iron Man.

Thinking of it... it would work really well for VR applications, and possibly even lead to better VR designs.
Only the range of the input is limited to just above where the device can look, that's the issue in terms of 3d controls. You wouldn't get the whole Iron Man thing with it since Tony Stark moved around everywhere with his hands.

What I was thinking was to allow the touchless touch AND touch at the same time since it is tied to a specific area to begin with, you could calibrate the device to another device to allow for 1:1 precision touch on-screen while still having the depth there as well.

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