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I like Klinsmann. He has good ideas, and has gotten us wins his predecessors would have no chance at. I'm not exactly a fan of some of his tactics, since they don't make sense half the time. For example, I don't know why he keeps using 3 defensive-mids all the time, and the loss against Jamaica was just shameful, since the formation and personnel made no sense.

On the other hand, when his tactics do makes sense, I like them. Case in point: beating Scotland 5-1.

For now, I'm just hoping the USA can beat Antigua & Barbuda and Guatemala. I'm more worried about the former, actually, since both left-backs he called up are either injured or have the flu, and two other players had to drop out for injury. And it's an away match. Shame the team isn't as good as Germany, since then I wouldn't have to worry about not qualifying.
What formation would you use if you were manager?
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