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Originally Posted by katanamaru View Post
So one version made the character do the correct jump, but after the jump the character kept walking forward?

If that is the case put a [B]wait 1[B] after the +forward and +up.
"force_speed; wait 1; +moveup; [B]wait 1[B]; +forward; [B]wait 1[B]"


"force_speed; wait 1; +forward; [B]wait 1[B]; +moveup; [B]wait 1[B]"
Same result.I also tryed:
"force_speed; wait 1; +moveup; [B]wait 1[B]; +forward"
"force_speed; wait 1; +moveup; wait 1; +forward; [B]wait 1[B]"
"force_speed; wait 1; +forward; wait 1; +moveup; [B]wait 1[B]"
"force_speed; wait 1; +forward; [B]wait 1[B]; +moveup"
And like every time after the long jump is performed i began to walk and the crouch and meditate cheat turns into jump.Every time i press the binded key force speed turns on.

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