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En Route to Ackbar

Tariq felt like he was making the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs as he pushed the dropship to its limits to get back to the ship. It wasn't because that the Jedi on board gave the orders. He was doing it because the LT was anxious.

The whole team heard the transmission. Scatty was communications so she knew a few tricks. Their captain of their ship was badly injured. It was no secret that the LT and the Admiral were friends. He would do what he had to in order to get back to the ship.

He said to the Ackbar, "Alpha Team Drop to Ackbar, we are coming in hot for final approach. Requesting docking bay to land."


Tavaryn looked out the main viewport staring at the damaged Ackbar. It had been home for nearly a year or so. Belina was a good friend and it actually pained him to think about what she would say about the state of things of the Ackbar. He actually could see her shooting the icy glares and seeing the crewmen cringe.

He couldn't let her die. He had to try and he knew Tariq would do his best to get them back. Gently touching the Force he sent to Belina and praying that maybe she might hear him, Hang on Admiral. Don't leave us yet. You still have to sic the viper on me.

Ebon Hawk

I honestly don't know how to tell him. I tried once before but I just couldn't bring the subject up. He saved my life more then a few times during the purge...I just don't know how to break it to him.

Jun-la nodded a little. She could understand somewhat. "Just don't put it off too long. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes. Start with something familiar and work your way towards it."

When Kalla came in and gave her news, Jun-la looked at the two Jedi. They certainly were at risk considering their conditions and as crude as it sounded, they were a fine prize to the Sith. Hell she would be too considering that she had Kaillian. She hoped that Matton was keeping her safe. He knew the plans.

Thinking about it, Jun-la said, "The quad lasers are in good order but we do need to get people on there. Maybe you might be able to help Xandros?"

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